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    Vedic musical Wedding
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    Gajanan Krishna Maharaj
  • Vedic musical Wedding in Hyderabad
    Vedic musical Wedding in Hyderabad

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Vedic Musical Wedding.. Our culture .. Our heritage

Importance Of Marriage In Hinduism

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Hindu marriage joins two individuals for life, so that they can pursue dharma (duty), artha (possessions), kama (physical desires), and moksha (ultimate spiritual release) together. It is a union of two individuals as husband and wife, and is recognized by law.Pandit Ji Chant The Holy hymns from the Vedas during the occasion.

The traditional Hindu marriage is a religious sacrament and not a civil contract.It is a sort of holy performance based on religious rites, with conspicuous utterance of Vedic montras (incantations) in the presence of the members of the society and pandit ji.

The fire-god and the high god, Narayana, are kept as witnesses of such a sacrament and are worshipped during the proceedings of marriage rituals. So, according to Hindu Law marriage is indissoluble.

Vedic Musical Wedding

To establish the importance of Indian wedding, Gajanan Krishna Maharaj ji rome nationally around 2 years and gained the knowledge/importance of Indian wedding rituals and the scientific reason associated with it by many shankaryacharyas, dharma gurus, aged persons and mythological books..

After Gaing The Holistic knowledge form saints etc, Gajanan Krishna Maharaj ji, then started the most new and traditional form of Indian wedding Vedic Musical Wedding(वैदिक संगीतमय विवाह-फेरे ), a totally new concept of indian wedding.

This Concept Involves An professional Team Of Pandits, Musicians, Sound Etc. Pujya Maharaj Sri Controlls And Performs The Speritual Vidhi Himself With Deep And Complete Explanation Of Rituals Like Filling Of Maang, Tying Of Mangalsutra, Fere And Other Rituals Musically. He Also Sings The Geet (Folk Songs Sung During Wedding-Fera) Mama Sevra, Bhai Sevra. Even All The Slokes (Vedic Hymns) Are Sung Musically By Gajanan Krishna ji Maharaj. We Have Performed More Than 500 Weddings So Faar Nationally And Internationally.

Note: Complete Standard Pure Puja Samagri is Aranged By us for the wedding(fere)

Speciality: This Vedic Musical Wedding is Performed Mainly In traditional Hindi/English/Rajasthani Language And Way (Paddhiti)

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For Our Vedic Musical Wedding

It is wonderful maharajji ,that you make such good attempt to understand the meaning of the complex rituals and describe so vividly and musically. The holy events are performed more or less in the same manner by all Hindus at their marriage or any other Sanskaras, but some may not adhere to all the steps esp. as u did maharajjiduring my marriage. in big cities or outside India. Many priests also allow for tweaking of the rules, e.g. children and pregnant women can eat in a tent pitched in the garden or in the garage. I wish that Vedic emphasis on the equality of the wife and husband is followed in real life too. Even in the Saptapaadi (Seven steps) in a Hindu marriage either they both go around the fire together or the bride leads 4 times or the groom 3 times while making specific vows to remain united in love and friendship. we are enjoying an nice life married life till date, performed by you.

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