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Special Puja Packages

Building Dreams, Construction Aspirations, Creating Life for New House/Factory/Business Area

Towards New Beginning.! Making Your Stay Divine And Eazy..!

Like Marriage, For Many People, Owning A Home/Business Area Is The Fulfillment Of Their Dream. As Marriage Showcases Stability, Prosperity And Fertility In One’s Life So Does Owning A House/Business Area. As One Moves Ahead In The Journey Of life, Having a Stable Home Is An Obvious Need. On this note it is very important for a newly wed couple to own a house that is built with the pillars of love and affection. Everybody Has An Dream To Have An House Of His Own.! Once That Dream Is Fulfiled, Next Challenge Arises For Him Is To Construct Good, Spacious, Long Lasting Home Filled With Lots Of Positive Energy, Where his future generations are about to live there peacefully. Where Todays, Man Has No Time For Anything, We Bring You The Best For It. We Assure An Complete Vastu Proofed Home With Peace, Success And Bond Between Family Or In Business.! Srinath Jyotish Karyalay Is Here To Fullfill All This Needs.! With Us You Will Have An Hassel Free Vastu Proofed Home Construction With All The Puja Performed In Vedic Way.! We Have Six Parts For This Package.


Humans always select an appropriate time before starting any venture for the successful completion of the work and to bring happiness and prosperity in their lives. The same is also done To achieve success without facing any hurdles, to put life on the path of progress and to achieve recognition, respect and honour. ‘Muhurat’ is to select an appropriate time for starting a new venture. To get the desired results in new ventures, we decide different frames for different kinds of work, for which we consider the combination of Panchang, Tithi, Vaar, Nakshatra, Karan and Yoga. Muhurat’ means to take out an auspicious time for starting work by predictive astrology, which leads to strong possibilities for the successful completion of work.

The Following Are Some Points That Are Kept In Mind By Us To Give You The Best Muhurth
  • The watch should be accurate so that counting the Mahurata and the work accomplished brings fruitful results.
  • The place also matters- the longitude and latitude of that place should be counted accurately.
  • The Muhutat, when lagana and Moon are transiting on a retrograde planet Nakshatra, or the Lord of Nakshatra- Saturn and Moon should not be combined at the time of Muhurat otherwise there will be hurdles and will not yield fruitful results.
  • The Best Muhurth Is Given By Us After Seeing Your Horoscope And Present Position Of Your Planets, Mainly Mars And Moon.


Puja Section Includes Mainly Six Pujas.
1. Bhumi Puja

The earth is considered a sacred element in Hinduism and is revered as a Mother Goddess. Bhumi Pooja is an important ritual devoted to the earth. It is necessary to worship the land before the start of construction work. Even farmers conduct a Bhumi Puja before tilling the land. Hindu calendar months of Shravan, Kartik, Margshirsh and Paush are the most favourable for the Bhumi puja. Several negative and positive factors are associated with the auspicious time of Bhumi puja.
Keeping Above Points In Mind, Bhumi Puja Is Performed In The Most Divine Way With Complete Traductional And Scientific Way By Us.!

2. Tubewell (Boring) Puja

Some Time When This Puja Is Not Done In The Way As It Has To Be Perfomred, Even On Good Muhurth Or Direction And Digging Many Feets Deep In Earth, Chanses Of Water Coming From The Borewell Remain Very Less. That’s Why This TubeWell (Boring) Is Perfored By Us.

3. Column Raising Puja(Grah Nirmaan Puja):

This Is The Second Step After Complition Of Bhumi Puja. Where As In Bhumi Puja, Permission Is Seeked From Earth To Dig (Start Constructional Work)The Land, Here In Grah Nirmaan Puja, We Perform The Puja For Raising Of Columns To Start The Construction Work. Our Team Of Expert And Professional Pandit JI Perfroms This Auspicios Vidhi. After Performing The Main Shodasopachar Puja Along With Puja Of Bricks, Stones, Then Kacch-Mach, Naag-Nagini, Amar Bel, Bad-Ka-Tantiya Made Of Silver, Sri Yantra, Kalash, Lamp Are Placed Is Placed In The Digged Hole And Then The Hole If Filled With a building material made from a mixture of broken stone or gravel, sand, cement, and water Called Concrete.

4. First Slab Puja :

One More Important Puja The First Slab Puja Is Performed In This Package To Assure That The Building Can Bare More Weight And Chances Get Less Duing Earthquakes As We Perform The Holy Slab Puja Where The Most Powerful Garud Yantra Is Placed And Special Puja Is Performed Before The Concrete Is Filled On The Slab.

5. Main Door (Choukat ) Puja

This Main Door (Choukat Puja) Is Also Important As The Main Look Of The Building Comes From The Main Gate. We Perform The Choukat Puja To Restrict The Entrance OF Evil Energies In The Property. An Special Rectualistic Puja Is Performed By Ous During It.

6. House Warming Ceremony (Vastu Shanti Havan-Grah Pravesh)

This Is The Most Important Ritual Of Our Package.This Puja Is Conducted To Purify The Home From Negative Energy And And To Allow The Flow Of Positive Energy Into The Property. Grauhapravesh Or House Warming Ceremony Is Compulsory Before Moving Into A New Owened House. A Dweller Can Occupy Or Move Things Into A Property Only After Performing This Puja. The procedure for Griha Pravesh Puja varies according to the community and culture of the devotee, but it is performed by ous in the very nationally accepted vedic and scientific way with explanation of each and every puja in depth by gajanan krishna maharaj ji. After Performing The Main Shodasopachar Puja Along With Vastu Manadal, sarvatra Bhadra Mandal Etc, Puja Havan (Offering prayers to God in front of fire With Vedic Hymmns) Is Perfomed With Aarti Folowed. Lastly, Female worships the Kitchen by boiling milk in the house after finishing the main Grah Pravesh Puja. The Complete Grah Pravesh Puja Is Done Under The Holy Presence And Guidence Of Gajanan Krishna JI Maharaj And His Professional Pandit Ji’s Team.


In Sanskrit, Vaastu means to build environment and a surrounding and Shastra means a perfect system or a by-laws. Applying Vaastu principles are feasible without demolition. There is a general opinion that Vaastu correction cannot take place without demolition, but it is not the actual case. One needs not to bring in complete structural changes. Though Vaastu application is extremely easy in the planning stage of a project, yet fully constructed buildings can also be modified using the principles of Vaastu. We Provide Complete Vastu Solutions Right From Start To Completion Of Construction In Complete Scienctific And Vedic Way. We Give Complete Mapping (At Extra Cost) Along With Where Should Kitchen, Office, Master Bedroom, Puja Room, Children's Room, Wash/Bath Room, Main Sitting, Parking, Lift, Staircase, Main Power Unit Should Be Placed. Five To Seven Vists Are Done By Our Expertised Team. Visiting Visits May Differ on Work.

Colour Theraphy

Color therapy and healing (also known as chromotherapy or light therapy) is a type of holistic healing that uses the visible spectrum of light and color to affect a person's mood and physical or mental health. A gud and perfect colour combination will not only make your house look beautiful, but also allows to flowing of positive energy in it. In our package, Once The Main Structure Of The Property Is Ready, We Guide which colour is to be used for interior and exteriors for the home. We help u chosing the best colour for your puja, kichen, bedroom, living rooms, according to your horsocpe and planetary positions, which helps you living an divine and fresh stay always.!

Placements of Things

Once The Complete Work Of Premises Gets Done, We Then Guide You, Where The Main Things Of house/business area Like Oven, Water Pot, Gas-Cylinder, Refrigerator In Kitchen, Tv, Sofa sets, ShowCase Items Etc In Living Place, heavy machines , packing and lifting for business places etc shuld be palced.!

Puja Samagri

This Is one Of The Most Important And Trusted Part Of Our Package. We Arrange Complete Pure And Standard Puja Samagri Right From Bhumi Puja To Grah Pravesh Puja.

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