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Nav Grah Shanti Puja

Puja Description :- Nav Grah Shanti Puja

The transformer in the holy trinity Shiva is famous for his rage against injustice and out of this, was born nine celestial bodies. These bodies are commonly known as Navagraha or ‘Nine Planets’. It has an important place in people’s horoscope according to astrology and affects us either positively or negatively. This Navagraha or nine grah comprises of Surya, Chandra, Mangal, Buddh, Guru, Shukra, Shani, Rahu and Ketu. For increasing positive effects diminish the negative energies in an individual’s life this Navagrah puja were organized. When we connect this puja with significances, there are lots of. We do this puja when our life got stuck or in trouble or in bad phases of life. Each of these grah is said to represent a different aspect of our life and the planetary movement can accordingly affect it. And these things matter a lot especially in Hinduism. The meaning of all these planets is following; the Sun represents the ‘Father’ and also known as soul, king or the enlightened one. The Moon represents the ‘Mother’, Mangal is for confidence, Buddh is Communication, Guru symbolizes a Guru, Shukra, a more feminine planet, is symbolic of reproduction, pleasure and wealth. Shani holds importance for education and Rahu is considered to be a mischievous planet, because he is an Asura and lastly Ketu symbolizes supernatural influences. All these planetary movement can result in anything like a period of financial loss, or a bad relationship, deteriorating health etc. Navagrah puja benefits in reducing these ill-fated periods. Not only this, the Navagraha puja also helps in the removal of the Doshas.

Navagraha puja vidhi start with the devotee’s complete conviction, faith and devotion while chanting the mantras. And we also have such a faith that we believe that the mantra will work for you. In The Starting Of Professional Trained And Highly Pandit JI Team Recites Jaap. Then Navgrah Puja And Havan For All Nine Planets Is Done In All Vedic Way With Explanation.!

Puja details :- Nav Grah Shanti Puja

Instructions   This Puja Will Be Performed In Internationally Accepted Puja Vidhi.! The Puja Vidhi Has Got Nothing To Do With Any Caste/Religion/Community. The Dakshina Shown For Puja Is Limited To Only Hyderabad City. It Varies From Place To Place. Jaap For All Nine Pl

Puja Duration   03 Hrs

No Of Panditji   3

"Nav Grah Shanti Puja" Puja benefits

1) To Remove Navgrah Dosh 2) To Seek Bleassings Of Navgrah (Nine Planets)

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