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House Warming Ceremony (Vastu Shanti-Grah Pravesh)

Puja Description :- House Warming Ceremony (Vastu Shanti-Grah Pravesh)

The purchasing of a new house is one among the foremost vital stages of life and this ritual and custom of Griha Pravesh Puja is necessary for each Hindu believer or follower. It’s believed as per Astrological and Vedic science that a new bought home might have the sin of millions of deaths of organisms over it throughout the method of construction. Additionally, the land on which it’s designed will be impure and it will infest negativity and evil forces. The Griha Pravesh puja is a precautionary measure to fortify the protection of your Home and its family members while assuring the nurturing of quality and prosperity within the Home premises. It is basically conciliation with the Gods and Goddesses to stay a secure watch on the fortune of the house and its members.

Puja details :- House Warming Ceremony (Vastu Shanti-Grah Pravesh)

Instructions   This Puja Will Be Performed In Internationally Accepted Puja Vidhi.! The Puja Vidhi Has Got Nothing To Do With Any Caste/Religion/Community.

Puja Duration   02 hrs

No Of Panditji   3

"House Warming Ceremony (Vastu Shanti-Grah Pravesh)" Puja benefits

To Obtain Peace And Harmony In New House.

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