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Naamkaran/Naming Sanskaar

Puja Description :- Naamkaran/Naming Sanskaar

Namakaran is a traditional Hindu ceremony of naming the baby; naming process creates a bond between the child and the rest of the family, and is a highly auspicious occasion for child, parents, family and relatives. Namakaran or baby naming ceremony is usually performed on the 12th day after birth; this tradition varies from region to region and custom to custom.

When Is Namakaran Performed

Namakaran ceremony is either performed at home or in some temple. The priest offers puja to all gods and to agni, the elements, and to the spirits of forefathers entreating them to bless and protect the child. Horoscope of child if is already written and available is presented to god and is placed in front of god idol requesting them to bless the child. 
As per the regional tradition the child is placed for blessing on the lap of either the father or his maternal uncle's. Chosen name of the child is whispered in the right ear of baby using a betel leaf or its silver imprint, or using leaves of kusa grass to direct the words into baby’s ear
After the naming ritual is completed, friends and relatives bless the child and touch some honey or sugar to baby’s lips.
Naming ceremony if not done on the 12th day; can be performed either on 101 day or on child’s first birthday. Good food is made and is served to friends and family to celebrate the holy and auspicious occasion

The Baby name is chanted while chanting of Holy Mantras & invoking Gods, Godesses & Agni. Puja Sanskaram Priests complete the Namakaran Puja ceremony by offering prayers to All Gods & Godesses & pray to them to bring Lifelong  Health, Wealth & Fame to your baby.

Puja details :- Naamkaran/Naming Sanskaar

Instructions   This Puja Will Be Performed In Internationally Accepted Puja Vidhi.! The Puja Vidhi Has Got Nothing To Do With Any Caste/Religion/Community. The Dakshina Shown For Puja Is Limited To Only Hyderabad City. It Varies From Place To Place

Puja Duration   Half An Hour

No Of Panditji   01

"Naamkaran/Naming Sanskaar" Puja benefits

Namkaran is the naming ceremony of the baby, which is observed 11 days after its birth. This gives the new-born an identity with which he/she will be associated all his life. This Puja Is Mailnly To Seek Bleassings Of God.

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